27: Police Complex


Learmonth Police Station & Residence - 1907

The orginal Police Station was opened on 30th October 1859.

The current buildings on this site were built in 1863. 














 Learmonth Police Stables - 1992

 Learmonth Police Cell - 1992


The first police presence in Learmonth was October 30th, 1859, when the police used one of William McKay's houses near the Stag Hotel as their barracks. The first constables were Hart and McMannus.The first arrest was notmade until November 21st 1860 by Con. McMannus.

The Learmonth Police District was proclaimed in August 1861. The principal objects in view in recommending such a proclamation were:
1st, the protection of a pathway recently formed by the inhabitants of Learmonth through the township,
2nd, the protection of the waters of Lake Learmonth from pollution.

Tenders were called for the erection of a Police Complex, with the work to be under the supervision of William McKay. The first lockup built on the gazetted site was "a unique structure of exploded corrugated iron" a sentry box, 8ft 6 ins x 9ft.After examiningsame, it seemed a surprise that some of the desparate characters occasionally incarcerated at night were found there in the morning.(It is believed that this "lock-up" stood on the McKay site).

The brick watchhouse was completed in 1863, with stables and barracks built at the same time.

From October 1888, the railway carried supplies for the police horses. The storage capacity at Learmonth was 15 centals for oats, 2 centals for bran, 20 centals for hay and 8 centals for dtraw. 1 cental = 100 pounds or about 45 kgs.

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