Christopher John Prowse 1814 - 1843
Headstone before restoration
Restored Headstone

 Above: The collection of broken peices prior to restoration.

 Above right: The monument during construction.

 Below: 3 photographs taken in October 2008.

Prowse monument

In 1992 the pieces of a badly broken and weathered headstone were discovered in a paddock at Dowling Forest. At the time the Christian name was readable but unfortunately not the surname. It also appeared the date of death was 1845. After conciderable investigation and research it was decided the headstone was that of Christopher John Prowse who had arrived from England in March 1842. He was the son of Stephen Robert and Susanna Prowse of Greenwich, London. Prowse was employed by Mr W J T Clarke (known locally as Big Clarke or Money Clarke) as an assistant manager on his "Dowling Forest" pastoral run near Learmonth. Only 18 months after his arrival (21st September 1843) Prowse died as a result of an accidental fall from his horse.
The Learmonth & District Historical Society had the headstone restored and a monument constructed in the Dowling Forest Cemetery. Prowse's monument was unveiled by Stephen Elder MLA and dedicated by Rev. Roy Stanley on the 9th of April 1995.
Prowse plaque
Prowse headstone

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