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The former National Bank Building - June 2008.

Prior to the opening of the Learmonth branch of the "National Bank of Australasia" the local correspondent to the "Ballarat Star" wrote:- The building at Learmonth for the local branch of the National Bank has a substanial and neat appearance. The question has arisen - when is the manager coming out with his money bags and when is the bank to be opened. Many people expressed their intention of opening accounts, enabling the bank to establish a good business.

The Learmonth branch of the "National Bank" opened for business on November 19th 1866 with Mr. E E Crombie as its first Manger.

The Shire of Ballarat shifted its business from the Bank of Victoria to the Learmonth branch in 1868.

The Learmonth NAtional Bank was one of the first two rural National Banks to be established, after the agricultural population became more stable after the mining frenzy.

In 1871, the bank made conciderable additions and improvements to the old wooden building by erecting a substantial front of stone and brick.

Bank Managers were held in high regard in the community, as they joined in community activities and promted the welfare of the district. A presentation evening was usually given to the departing manager, attended by members of the council, influential comminity members and interested members of the public. At these evenings, which were usually held in the Shire Hall, the incoming manager was welcomed.

The Manager's residence was attached to the rear of the bank as shown in the 1907 photo (below left).

Article researched and written by Mrs Claudette Crick.

The current owner has plans to open an antique and coffee shop.




 This 1907 photo shows the Bank building and managers residence which has since been demolished.



"In 1871, the bank made a considerable addition and improvement to the old wooden building by erecting a substantial front, composed of stone and brick, the design being of a neat appearance".

Quote from "Glimpses of a Past Era". Learmonth & District Historical Society 2005.


Bank Managers

Second Officers.

Nov 1866 - May 1869. E E Crombie

May 1869 - Dec 1870. J E Ochiltree

Dec 1870 - Nov 1875. W L A Elston

Feb 1876 - Mar 1878. R H Barry

Mar 1878 - 1880. D Binnie

1880 - May 1882. J W B Gardyne.

May 1882 - Aug 1884. F J Daniel

Aug 1884 - Aug 1888. A Young

Aug 1888 - Aug 1893. W L Thomas

Aug 1893 - May 1895. G E Peart

May 1895 - Jul 1900. W Bruce

Jul 1900 - Jan 1906. J A McGillivary

Jan 1906 - Nov 1912. W L Hunter

Nov 1912 - Apr 1918. F Tolstrup

Apr 1918 - Aug 1921. E B Proudfoot

Nov 1921 - Jan 1924. H Reilly

May 1927 - Apr 1931. H A Carne

Apr 1931 - Jun 1937. J O McAllister

Jun 1937 - Apr 1948. A A James

Apr 1948 - Jan 1950. S C S Field

Nov 1950 - Dec 1955. H G Mitchell

Dec 1955 - H J Scarfe


30-3-1921 to 9-10-1922. C R Jenkins

9-10-1922 to 9-1-1925. F J Goding

9-1-1925 to 25-8-1926. J W R Vining

25-8-1926 to 12-4-1928. C L Howell

12-4-1928 to 4-12-1928. W C Brand

4-12-1928 to 18-11-1929. B A Dockery

18-11-1929 to 7-10-1930. S J Davies

7-10-1930 to 15-5-1934. R Murnane

15-5-1934 to 1-5-1936. A E Horsburgh

1-5-1936 to 30-5-1938. C C Bignill

E A Atkins

J J Howdin

H S Weatherall

1942 to 1946. Ann Robertson

D Stockdale



K Menhennet

L Lonsdale

G Upton



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