15: Carmichael Engineering

Dugald Carmichael purchased land in Learmonth at the 1859 land sales, it was on this allotment that he built his home and engineering works. Not only was Dugald a talented engineer, but also an inventor, he invented an adjustable concave drum for threshing machines.

A very important feature in his invention was said to be that grain of all descriptions could be as effectively threshed whether wet or dry, or in what ever condition it may be in at the time. Wheat, oats, rye and barley are threshed and separated from the straw without cracking or injuring the kernels or crushing the straw. Carmichael's concave drum was used on many threshers, strippers and harvesters.

Carmichael was instrumental in getting the telephone to Learmonth from the Burrumbeet Railway Station, not only had he gone to Melbourne armed with signed petitions, but had been out helping the contractor, Mr Chitts of Hotham, erect the poles and wire.


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