19: Medwell's Chaff Mill




Medwell's Chaffmill was built by Richard Medwell in 1909 for the cutting of oaten hay into chaff. The mill was built near the railway line, the chaff was loaded into railway trucks and taken to the Melbourne market for sale. Up until then the hay was cut by a chaff cutter travelling from farm to farm, it was pulled and driven by a steam engine.
Following the railways closure in 1968 the chaff was carted by road to the Melbourne market.
The mill continued to be operated by the Medwell family for many years, after the death of Hector Medwell in 1973, the business was sold to K and B Tyner who continues the cutting of chaff on the site.
Tyner later closed the mill, which was dismantled, and transfered the chaff cutting business to their Newlyn site.

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