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The Learmonth Australian Natives Association Branch No 75 was formed on May 17th 1887, the foundation members being Messrs P. Ryan, president, W.D Sara, secretary, H.Lange, A.Blair, and R.Medwell. Interest quickly spread and by the end of the first quarter, May to August, sixteen names were on the list of members Messrs P.Ryan. W. D.Sara, S. Lynch, T.Dean, C.Kinnersly, A.Sharp, G.Sharp, H.Lange, C.Chisholm, D.Doyle, McKay, R.Medwell, P.McGuire F.Kinnersly, A.Blair, G.Wright.

From the very first meeting it was evident that the Branch not only catered for the medical needs of the community, but also took an active part in all facits of community life.

Sports events were conducted, debates organised, tug-of-war teams formed, and in later years prizes was given by the branch for essay competitions conducted in the schools to celebrate Australia Day, or foundation Day as it was known then. The branch took part in presenting the A.N.A.prize for the best school garden in this area. Members always took a keen interest in local government and parliamentary affairs. The branch joined in celebrations of the A.N.A. at the golden jubilee.

An avenue of trees was planted in 1917 to commemorate 30 years since formation. In 1933 the A.N.A. planted a memorial tree in recognition of the secretarial work done by Mr Michael Casey over a period of 35 years. A plaque was placed on the tree guard at that time, as the tree grew it became necessary to remove the tree guard. The plaque was then placed at the foot of the tree where it remains today.


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